Online Backup

Fully managed, NZ hosted online backup service

Our Online Backup service is a completely managed, scalable cloud backup service where Plan B manages your backup requirements so your internal IT team can focus on production systems.

Our Online Backup service delivers a 24-hour RPO (Recovery Point Objective) across a wide range of operating systems. We hold 30 individual days of data, and offer options for longer term data retention to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements.

We backup and transfer your critical business data to a secure offsite location and ensure your backup integrity. Our system also ensures we only transfer items that have changed to reduce traffic through your communications link. If you require individual file recoveries you can restore them at your convenience using our web portal (or via an onsite MediaAgent if you subscribe to our Enterprise service).

This service includes:

  • Automated offsite cloud backup stored in a fully-managed Plan B facility
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements with only unique blocks of data being copied across the network to Plan B
  • Fast data recovery via our online portal, using the Plan B recovery team (who can restore all of your servers concurrently) or by using an optional onsite Plan B MediaAgent for LAN speed recovery
  • Options to restore entire servers either into Plan B's infrastructure or directly back to your own hardware
  • Daily backup reports showing useful metrics about your backup data
  • Ability to scale your service as your needs change
  • Access to optional Long-term Data Retention if required to comply with regulatory storage and archiving needs

For more information on this service please call 0800 266 846 or visit our contact us page.