Online Server Replication

Continuous data protection for highly time critical applications

Plan B's Online Server Replication service combines continuous replication with the ability to rapidly recover from any system outage.

The service continuously captures byte-level changes on protected servers as they occur and replicates those changes to a virtual replica server at Plan B. This ensures you always have access to a current copy of your data, applications and operating system.

To minimise recovery times, replicated data held at Plan B is continually pre-staged by our system to be ready for rapid recovery. This removes unnecessary delays during an outage that may otherwise be required to preparing data for recovery.

This service includes:

  • A faster Recovery Time Objective (RTO) than traditional backup products
  • Full-server protection for each server, including the system state, operating system and applications for effective recovery
  • Continuous replication of data to minimise data loss
  • Improved performance by compressing the protected data before sending and ensuring the integrity of real-time replicated data with write-order consistency
  • Support for MS Exchange, SQL Server (including SQL 2012), Oracle, SharePoint, Blackberry® Enterprise Server and more
  • High availability across physical and virtual environments, including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V

For more information on this service please call 0800 266 846 or visit our contact us page.