Snapshot Cloud

Secure offsite data repository for self-managed ShadowProtect® environments

Plan B’s Snapshot Cloud is designed for StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® customers who want to store critical backup data securely offsite.

The service provides a data repository for your ShadowProtect backups without any need for investment in IT infrastructure at a secondary location. You retain full control of your onsite backups while leveraging Plan B’s secure cloud storage.

Plan B’s Snapshot Cloud makes it easy for you to: 

  • Retain control of your backup process and what you want to transfer offsite.
  • Transfer backups offsite without physically transporting backup media or manually moving backup files.
  • Utilise existing IT infrastructure to replicate your data offsite.
  • Set your own schedule to replicate offsite as frequently as you require to provide appropriate restore points and minimise data loss.
  • Transfer data securely using FTPS (FTP over SSL) to ensure security of your data in transit.
  • Verify the integrity of your offsite backups once transferred.
  • Utilise New Zealand-based infrastructure using your local bandwidth.

How does it work?

Snapshot Cloud provides an offsite storage repository for your ShadowProtect backups. You manage your own storage server at your site for local storage of backup data. You then use your StorageCraft® ImageManager™ to transfer backup files offsite to Plan B, on the schedule you have configured.

Data recoveries are usually managed by you using your own onsite environment, though other recovery options can be made available for an additional fee e.g. subscriptions to recovery testing and assistance or

Solution Overview:

Snapshot Cloud Solution Overview


This service includes:

  • Ability to retain full control of your ShadowProtect backup environment and scheduling while protecting your data from site failure.
  • Simple connectivity to Plan B for secure offsite storage of your ShadowProtect backup data.
  • No limit on the amount of stored data.

Additional Snapshot Cloud platform options include:

  • Access to physical IT infrastructure and standby office facilities at Plan B to help you recover should your normal site or equipment fail.
  • Access to Server Recovery Exercises to test the ability to restore your ShadowProtect servers and prove recoverability of your backups.
  • Access to optional Long-term Data Retention if required to comply with regulatory storage and archiving needs.
  • Access to the most skilled and practised recovery experts in New Zealand to help you recover in a crisis.


For more information on this service please call 0800 266 846 or visit our contact us page.