Backup & Data Protection

Robust and reliable data backup & protection services from Plan B

More data is being created, analysed and shared every minute of every day; making protection of your business data a critical component of your business continuity plan.

Unplanned events such as human error, software upgrades or equipment failure can significantly interrupt your business operation. Even a short interruption can result in a serious loss of revenue, inability to service your customers and a negative impact on your reputation.

Plan B offer a range of fully-managed and self-managed options to backup your data and ensure it is safely stored in an offsite location. We will work with you to identify what your recovery priorities are and what solutions will deliver the best result for you.

Our solutions include managed online backup, online snapshot, server replication (if you need real-time data recovery), backup tape management, Veeam Cloud Connect cloud storage, ShadowProtect cloud storage, and long-term data retention.

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