Business-Risks.--The-New-Normal..pngWhat does business risk look like for New Zealand companies in 2017?

Every week seems to bring fresh news of multi-million dollar losses caused by IT loopholes, natural disasters, human error or fraud. And yet, all too many New Zealand businesses are relying on a “she’ll be right” attitude to deal with any threat.

Forward-thinking CIOs are recognising the need to be proactive. To assist them in planning for the unexpected, we’ve created this free eBook.

Here are some of the topics you’ll encounter: 

  • Key business threats from a global and NZ perspective.
  • Two challenges that lurk just out of sight – but which may determine the ultimate success of your enterprise.
  • The fundamentals of Business Continuity Planning, including a 5-point checklist.
  • Five key principles to create a resilient organisation.
  • The difference between a ‘tick the box’ approach and one that actually works.

Whatever stage you’re at in the business continuity process, this eBook will help you scope and execute a robust plan.