Data Centres

Secure data centres offering managed offsite dedicated or shared colocation

Our high-quality, New Zealand-based data centres provide secure, enterprise-level environments with capabilities that are unlikely to be part of your existing internal data centre and have features that are difficult for smaller businesses to provide by themselves.

We also offer: geographic diversity, connectivity from our data centres to other sites, and the ability to integrate our business continuity services.

When you choose our data centres you access:

  • A scalable national network of data centres allowing failover options for better resilience.
  • Connections to major telecommunications vendors to provide flexible, carrier agnostic connectivity options.
  • Options to integrate cloud backup services and standby recovery infrastructure.
  • A team who is experienced in managing secure data centre environments.

For more information on these services please click on one of the links below, phone 0800 266 846 or visit our contact us page.

Equipment Colocation Data Centre

Secure colocation options within our high-quality NZ-based environments

Data Centre Locations Data Centre

Data centre locations throughout New Zealand

Data Centre Connectivity Data Centre
Connectivity Options

Connectivity options between our data centres