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Managed Recovery to our Standby Office

What’s Your Plan if Your Office is Unavailable?

Customers may understand if you are affected by a region-wide event (at first). Unfortunately, a large variety of unplanned events can take your office off-line without warning at any time, meaning your business cannot function effectively.

Our focus is on managed business recovery and we will work with you to:

  • Connect you to your own data and critical systems,
  • Implement your own workstation image to ensure a familiar interface,
  • Redirect phones and queues to make sure customers can reach you,
  • Make sure your team have a place to meet and collaborate,
  • Provide a safe and secure alternative to staff working from home, and
  • Provide ongoing ICT support until you are able to return to your normal office.

We don’t just provide office space and equipment!

If you have special technology or security requirements, we also have 100% dedicated Standby Office space available.

Talk to us today about how we can assist you to recover from unplanned events by ensuring you have a Standby Office ready and waiting. 

Phone 0800 266 846 or complete our contact form.