ISP & Broadband

Make sure you have the right connections

ICONZ is one of New Zealand’s original ISPs. We continue to offer a wide range of connectivity options and your service will be managed and supported by our NZ-based team.

Choose between Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) and DSL connection services. Your optimal solution will depend on the availability of services in your area and your typical usage. 

Options include:


Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) 

This is the most cost-effective way to access faster broadband. UFB enables you to be as productive as possible - rather than waiting for files to transfer. Download speeds can be up to 10 times faster than a traditional ADSL service.



This is an excellent cost-effective upgrade option if you are noticing the constraints of traditional ADSL broadband. Download speeds can be up to 3 times faster than a traditional ADSL service.



This traditional broadband service is geared towards general web browsing, social media and low-res video. It provides reliable internet access on top of an existing phone line. This is ideal for light internet users.


These services include:

  • Access to our responsive, NZ-based team.
  • Confidence you’re dealing with an ISP with a proven track record.
  • Reliable connectivity services.

Talk to us about what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll make sure you get the best connection option for you.

For more information on this service please call 0800 266 846 or visit our contact us page.