Hallenstein Glasson Case Study

Moving to a managed online backup to free up resources and utilise external expertise

Hallensteins Retail Case Study

Key Outcomes

  • Offsite backups with Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) aligned to recovery objectives
  • Ability to self-recover individual files on-site
  • Access to outsourced backup & testing expertise
  • Tested and proven ability to recover from backup
  • Access to standby equipment and office facilities for recovery
  • Compliance with shareholder business continuity expectations


Hallenstein Glasson is a retailer of menswear and womenswear with more than 110 stores, including 25 stores in Australia, and online stores for each brand. The business is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and is one of New Zealand’s leading specialty retailers.

Hallenstein Glasson relies on its IT systems to ensure they have the right products available in-store when customers are ready to buy. Protecting the data that drives its logistics and marketing programmes, and ensuring uninterrupted access to IT infrastructure here and in Australia, is a critical part of its business.

Hallenstein Glasson protects its business with data backups, regular recovery testing and access to Plan B standby facilities and equipment.

The Business Challenges

Hallenstein Glasson originally used an in-house managed, tape-based system for backup with tapes taken off site daily. However, the process was taking an hour each day of internal IT time, too much data was at risk, recoveries were slow, and the existing hardware was aging.

The business looked for an option that would deliver:

  • Reduced risks associated with its backup and recovery process including increased backup frequency (to provide shorter recovery points), faster recovery options and access to backup expertise.
  • Flexibility in managing the volume and types of data that are essential to the business.
  • The ability to free up internal staff and reduce capital expenditure.
  • Compliance with shareholder expectations to protect business data and ability to recover.

Plan B was able to provide a solution that delivered these outcomes, and enabled significant improvements in backup frequency and recovery timeframes compared with tape.

Plan B has the specialty tools and people to manage our backups better than we can do in-house.

Chris Reid,
General Manager IT for Hallenstein Glasson

The Business Implications

In the event that Hallenstein Glasson is unable to access its IT systems, the retail business can continue to trade using point of sale technology. The challenge is replenishment, forecasting and ongoing marketing activities rely on access to current and historical data and any outages or permanent loss of data would cause a significant impact on the business.

In the highly competitive retail market, not having the right products in the right locations would affect market share and revenue, which would be a significant issue for shareholders.

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Hallenstein Image Two

The Solution & Business Benefits

Plan B provides Hallenstein Glasson with a business continuity solution that allows the company to meet its recovery objectives, including:

  1. 1. Online Backup

    Online Backup to ensure backups are run and securely transferred offsite regularly to minimise potential data loss. The service is fully managed by Plan B including daily reporting and a dedicated data connection. An onsite MediaAgent provides options to quickly restore individual files locally when required.

    Hallenstein Glasson is confident that its backup requirements are being effectively managed and monitored to protect its critical data. Daily reporting provides peace-of-mind that backups are successful and the onsite MediaAgent and online portal provide easy access for self-recovery.

  2. 2. Long-term Backup

    Long-term Data Backup to transfer older data to more cost-efficient tape media and securely store for up to 7 years.

    Hallenstein Glasson can still access historical data when required, but it is stored in a lower cost archive environment.

  3. 3. Server Recovery Exercises

    Server Recovery Exercises to provide an independent test of recovery capabilities. The test identifies any potential recovery issues at a non- critical time and provides an indication of likely recovery timeframes for each server in a real crisis. The resulting report can also be used as part of an annual audit process.

    Regular testing provides Hallenstein Glasson with a high degree of comfort regarding its ability to recover from unplanned events. The business knows that while backing up is essential, knowing you can actually recover from that backup is what will matter in a crisis. Recovery testing also showed the improved recovery timeframes from Online Backup compared with tape.

  4. 3. Standby Equipment

    Standby Equipment to ensure access to server store cover quickly if the company's normal infrastructure is unavailable. Plan B's equipment is on permanent standby and ready to deploy virtually or physically immediately when required either within Plan B's environment or delivered to an alternate location.

    Hallenstein Glasson knows that if its normal IT environment is not available the business will be able to restore its data to Plan B equipment and minimise delays in returning to normal operations.

  5. 4. Standby Offices

    Standby Offices to ensure people will have a place to work if their normal office is inaccessible for any reason. Plan B’s recovery facilities are permanently set up with desks, phones, computers, networking and everything you’d expect in a normal office.

    Hallenstein Glasson knows that if its head office is unavailable its staff can immediately move in to Plan B’s Standby Office to continue with business as usual. The office facilities form an important part of the overall Business Continuity Plan to ensure staff can keep working during unplanned events.

Plan B's services mean I can sleep at night knowing that we have experts looking after this and providing daily confirmation that our backup is working.

Chris Reid,
General Manager IT for Hallenstein Glasson