ICT Equipment Rental

Ease Cash Flow and Rent ICT Equipment When You Need It
With Plan B, you can have the advantages of renting current-model ICT equipment, tailored to your specific, needs for short- or long-term projects.

The advantages of ICT Equipment Rental

There are many benefits to renting, instead of buying, ICT equipment:

  • Ease cash flow:
    Free up your capex budget for long-term investments. There is no large up-front equipment cost and you know what your ICT costs will be every month.
  • Stay competitive:
    By renting ICT equipment from Plan B, you get access to current-model gear that you may not have been able to purchase.
  • Convenience:
    Avoid the time, hassle and paperwork of procuring large-expense equipment for your business.
  • Flexibility:
    Scale your ICT equipment up or down as your needs change without the long term tie to a large investment.

What can you expect from Plan B

We can help you smooth out cash flows and save money for your projects by renting just what you need, when you need it. We have high-quality current model ICT equipment available for rent for short or long term projects. We can also assist with month-by-month software licensing and pre-configuring the hardware before it is delivered.

Our ICT Equipment Rental service includes:

  • Pay for equipment only as you use it (save your capex budget for your long-term investments).
  • Reduced paperwork and faster turnaround times.
  • Access to current model ICT equipment.
  • Prompt service and quick response to your requests.
  • Premium brands readily available in quantities you require.
  • Equipment customised and individually prepped.
  • Punctual delivery and setup.
  • On-going technical hardware and software support.

Ask us about our ICT Equipment Rental services

Call 0800 266 846 to chat to a Plan B ICT Services specialist, email us here, or request a call back from the right expert within Plan B.

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