Protect your most valuable asset using the latest tamper proof optical storage technology
ForeverStore is a collaboration between Panasonic and Plan B to deliver Panasonic's Optical Disc Data Archiving technology as a cloud based service.

ForeverStoreTM Optical Storage highlights

  • The World's First Cloud Based Optical Storage.
  • Physical WORM means once written, data is tamper proof i.e. it cannot be accidentally or maliciously changed, modified or deleted.
  • Pay as you grow with no upfront investment required.
  • One flat monthly fee fixed for the life of your contract.
  • No hidden or additional costs e.g. ingress or egress charges.
  • Locally hosted in New Zealand for data sovereignty and no international bandwidth costs.
  • Deduplication within each container ensures efficient storage of data, eliminating unnecessary expense and duplication of data storage.
  • Metadata is stored in a database on SSD enabling fast and efficient searching.
  • Data is physically written to optical discs which are not impacted by magnetic exposure or climatic factors such as temperature and humidity.

Ultra Secure Optical Storage – Physical WORM

  • Data is physically written to optical discs in Write-Once-Read-Many format (physical WORM) which means once written, data is tamper proof i.e. it cannot be accidentally or maliciously changed, modified or deleted.
    • Unlike all other media where WORM is an administrator responsibility and must be specifically enabled and thus can equally be “disabled”, ForeverStore removes the responsibility and ability to select and unselect WORM functionality. Once written, your data is permanent.
  • The physical WORM technology provides a layer of protection to prevent unwanted and unauthorised corruption, encryption or modification of your data.
  • Data being transferred is encrypted using TLS 1.1 or 1.2.
  • Data is accessed through the ForeverStore application with a unique username and password that is assigned per user. The ForeverStore application passes a unique signature to the backend to ensure that no other applications can connect.
  • The ForeverStore application is licensed to a specified computer’s MAC address, providing a layer of security and protection.
  • Hosted in secure data centre facilities with appropriate access control, video surveillance and physical security measures.

Why you need Optical Storage

Data is growing faster than ever before and managing it and the costs associated with it can easily get on top of you.

According to IDC, only 10% to 20% of data is actively used. That means over 80% of your data is accessed infrequently and could be moved to lower cost archive storage. This frees up production storage, lowers backup costs, backup windows and improves recovery time.

With Plan B cloud based optical storage you can migrate less frequently accessed data, backups and archives from your production storage, freeing up capacity and lowering costs in one easy step.

Storage Image Attributes

Most Superior Superior ▵ Rather Inferior Inferior
  HDDs (for near line) Tapes Optical Discs
Data Security
Long Life around 4 years 10-30 years 50-100 years
Compatibility (up to two generations back)
Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
Random Access Capability
Transfer Rate

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