Veeam Cloud Connect

Ensure your critical data is safe with Veeam Cloud Connect
Store your Veeam backup data in our secure Cloud Repository while retaining full control of your backup environment.

Secure Offsite Backups with Veeam Cloud Connect

With Veeam Cloud Connect, you maintain control of your onsite Veeam backup environment, and we provide a Cloud Repository for your offsite backup copies.

Plan B's Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) offering makes it easy for you to extend your existing backup infrastructure to the cloud for added protection of critical data. You’ll continue to control your onsite Veeam backup environment while we provide a secure Cloud Repository for your offsite backup copies.

Plan B has the only Veeam offsite backup offering supported by a specialised nationwide network of recovery experts with options to restore to standby IT infrastructure, standby offices and other complementary services.

Here is what you get:

  • A self-managed, offsite repository for Veeam backups
  • Optional long-term data storage if required
Veeam Cloud Connect Solution
Plan B's Veeam offering is supported by nationwide recovery experts with options to restore IT infrastructure, standby offices and other complementary services.

Benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect

Off-site data backups reduce your company's workload, and no capital investment is required.

Additional VCC Options

  • Access to physical IT infrastructure and standby office facilities at Plan B to help you recover should your normal site or equipment fail.
  • Access to Server Recovery Exercises to test the ability to restore your VCC servers and prove recoverability of your backups.
  • Access to optional Long-term Data Retention if required to comply with regulatory storage and archiving needs.
  • Access to the most skilled and practised recovery experts in New Zealand to help you recover in a crisis.
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Veeam Cloud Connect provides multi-tenant support, eliminates the need for VPN connections and simplifies firewall configuration.

Long-term Data Retention Option

Plan B's Long-term Data Retention service is available to Online Backup, Online Snapshot, and Veeam Cloud Connect customers. The service offers a cost-efficient option to retain data and store it offsite at a secure storage facility for up to seven years. The data can be accessed if required, but recovery times will be dependent on the time required to obtain and restore from tape rather than disk.

This service includes:

  • Cost-efficient long-term data retention in a managed, secure environment for up to seven years (for subscribers to qualifying services)
  • Ability to request recovery from tape when required

Tape archives are often confused with data backups. Tape archives protect older information that is not needed for everyday business operations but may occasionally need to be accessed for investigations and compliance requirements.

Learn more about protecting critical data with Veeam Cloud Connect

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