Object Storage

Robust and cost effective cloud object storage hosted in our New Zealand Data Centres
Cloud Object Storage allows your business to purchase what you need, as you need it without the upfront investment in storage and infrastructure.

Why you need Object Storage

Data is growing faster than ever before and managing it and the costs associated with it can easily get on top of you.

According to IDC, only 10% to 20% of data is actively used. That means over 80% of your data is accessed infrequently and could be moved to lower cost archive storage. This frees up production storage, lowers backup costs, backup windows and improves recovery time.

With Plan B cloud based object storage you can migrate less frequently accessed data, backups and archives from your production storage, freeing up capacity and lowering costs in one easy step.

Flexible Storage Option

  • Purchase what you need, as you need it without upfront investment in storage and infrastructure.
  • Move data whenever you like without paying ingress and egress charges.
  • No speed restrictions, locally peered on all of New Zealand’s major ISP peering networks.
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Resilient Data Storage

  • Supports the S3 API on the frontend for access.
  • Design specification based on 99.9999999% object durability ensures your data remains safe.
  • By implementing a distributed erasure coding (information dispersal) algorithm, the product enables high availability, with the ability to tolerate a complete site failure across our 3 geographically separated data centres in New Zealand.
Object Storage Architecture

Plan B's Object Storage Highlights

  • Built on the Object Storage technology from IBM Cleversafe, the leader in both Gartner Critical Capabilities and IDC Marketscape for Object Storage.
  • Design specification is based on 99.9999999% Data Durability.
  • Accessed through industry standard S3 API for wide application compatibility.
  • Geographic distribution of data across 3 Plan B Data centres in New Zealand.
  • Connected to Plan B / ICONZ ISP’s via local Internet Peering Exchanges – APE, AKL-IX, Mega IX Auckland and WIX.
  • Pay as you grow with no upfront investment required.
  • One flat monthly fee fixed for the life of your contract.
  • No hidden or additional costs e.g. ingress or egress charges.
  • Locally hosted in New Zealand for data sovereignty and no international bandwidth costs.

Ask about our Object Storage options

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