Online Snapshot

Image-based, managed onsite and offsite backup for Windows Servers.
Manage your onsite backup environment, taking image-based backups of your Windows servers as frequently as every 15 minutes.

At Plan B, we'll also manage offsite replication, provide troubleshooting and advice on backup issues, action change requests, and perform requested restoration functions as required. Your backups are stored onsite and replicated offsite to one of Plan B's data centres.

Online Snapshot's Key Features

  • Fully managed service
  • High frequency backups
  • Automated offsite replication
  • Backup and restore data quickly
  • Virtual Boot Recovery
  • Fully scalable with no capital investment required
  • Onsite Media Agent
  • Granular recovery for Microsoft Exchange
Plan B Online Snapshot ensures your backup is run and transferred offsite frequently, while also being accessible onsite for rapid recovery.

The Benefits of Online Snapshot

Plan B's Online Snapshot makes it easy for your business to:

  • Access managed, image based backup technology.
  • Use full server and file level recovery options, self-managed or with Plan B support.
  • Achieve a RPO (Recovery Point Objective) as low as 15-minutes for Microsoft Windows servers.
  • Rely on automated offsite replication of backups.
  • Restore rapidly from the onsite Media Agent.
  • Boot a server from the latest backup image into a functional state within the onsite Media Agent.
  • Access scalable backup systems without committing any capital investment for backup infrastructure.
  • Keep your data safe with encryption and password protection.
  • Add granular recovery for Microsoft Exchange data for additional recovery capabilities.
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How Online Snapshot Works

Plan B's Online Snapshot service creates sector level backup images as often as every 15 minutes and stores duplicate copies at your site and one of Plan B’s data centres.

The service is highly secure, cost effective, and helps to minimise the risk of data loss from your production environment. It provides an enterprise level solution that can be implemented quickly and managed independently from your normal production environment. In addition, Online Snapshot provides options for faster onsite recovery.

Online Snapshot Backup

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