Shared Cloud Hosting

Fast, reliable and secure shared hosting
With servers located throughout our multiple New Zealand-based data centres, Plan B’s shared cloud hosting offers strong uptime and better performance than shared hosting can on its own. The outcome; A fast, reliable, available and secure enterprise-hosting platform that can flexibly scale to meet your business demands.

Plan B's Shared Cloud Hosting

Shared cloud hosting allows you to focus on technology outcomes; not buying and maintaining physical server infrastructure.

  • More Affordable:
    You don't have to invest in server and related infrastructure. Inform us of what you need, and we will provide it for a fixed monthly fee.
  • More Scalability:
    Because you don't own the infrastructure, you can scale up or down as the needs of your business change.
  • More Support:
    You deal with just one vendor for your data centre, ICT hardware and licensing requirements.
  • More productivity:
    Less time sorting your infrastructure means more time working on the frontend of your business.
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Key Features of Our Shared Cloud Services

Attribute Key Features
Platform Resilience
  • Data centres have uninterruptible N+1 or 2N power supplies (varies by location)
  • N+1 precision temperature controlled rack space for cooling.
  • Compute nodes have a N+1 architecture and storage resides on a highly available storage array.
  • Replication to an alternate data centre is also available for an additional cost.
VLAN You are entitled to 2 VLANs free of charge. Any additional VLANs are chargeable as per our standard ISP connectivity charges.

The Shared Hosted Infrastructure solution integrates with the following options:

  • Virtual Firewall service (Fortinet ICSA certified).
  • Basic DDoS protection via our upstream provider.
Hypervisor We support VMware vSphere only.
Platform Management

We manage and maintain the hardware, network, storage and underlying hypervisor, including:

  • Monitoring of hardware availability and capacity
  • Security of vSphere platform
  • Patching of vSphere platform and related management components
  • Firmware upgrades of hardware components.
Guest/Storage Management

We are responsible for:

  • Maintaining vSphere.
  • Provisioning of vCPUs, RAM and storage.
  • Provisioning and creating VM Snapshots.

You are responsible for:

  • Maintaining your own VMware tools.
  • Managing VM's via the vCenter web client, which is accessible via secure VPN.

You also have the ability to:

  • Power cycle your own VM's.
  • Monitor VM information via the vCenter web client.
Guest VM Access
  • Console access is available using the vCenter web client, via secure VPN.
  • Network connectivity between our Shared Hosted Infrastructure environment and Colocation environment.
  • Network connectivity via a dedicated customer WAN circuit.
  • You can configure and utilise usual guest management tools such as SSH, RDP, etc.
Guest OS Licencing

We can supply service provider licences for Microsoft products such as Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Office.

You will need to provide your own licensing for all other Operating Systems and software products in use.

Guest Monitoring

You can manage your own guest VM based monitoring or choose our chargeable cloud monitoring service, which provides health checks (CPU, RAM, Disk and Network) for guest VMs.

Guest Patch Management You can perform your own patch management.
Cloud Migrations You can perform your own migration to your Hosted Infrastructure (Shared) environment or choose our chargeable cloud migration service.
Reporting You can generate bespoke reports via the vCenter web client.
Backups You can manage your guest VM based backups or choose a chargeable Plan B & ICONZ backup service.
Disaster Recovery (DR) You can manage your DR solution or choose a chargeable Plan B & ICONZ cloud DR service.

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