Business Connect SMS

Reach clients, customers or staff via their mobile phone

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Immediate and direct engagement with everyone’s most accessible communications device; their mobile phone.

Our SMS service gets the right message to your clients, customers, staff or vendors in real-time to achieve valuable business outcomes.

Tap into your Business Connect SMS dashboard to send out bulk SMS messaging or offer personalised comms via our SMS API

Popular use cases include:

SMS marketing campaigns
Business notices and alerts
Rostering notices to staff
SMS appointment confirmations and reminders
SMS alerts and notifications
Competition entry and notifications
Integration with your CRM
SMS invoicing and payments
Password verification
Sms Document

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Easy0Self Service Sms

Intuitive and easy self-service SMS Dashboard:

Drive your own messaging campaigns on our SMS web portal that is available 24/7, with great support available as required.

Quickly and easily send SMS or MMS messages to one or millions of people through our easy-to-use web portal. Send messages immediately or later. Send all at once, or trickle over a specified time period.

Gain a quick overview, and dive into our powerful reporting. View rich reports that highlight usage reporting, delivery status and subaccount usage reports.

Send Messages Via Api

Send messages via API on time, everytime

Choose either REST or SMPP for your SMS API integration and easily send bulk SMS, MMS or mobile landing pages.

Guarantee network uptime of 99.95 percent of the time, so you have no downtime and can focus on what your business does best.

High throughput capability to seamlessly handle extreme volumes of messages. 

Easy and engaging global messaging solutions for business and enterprise.

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