Business Internet

Dedicate High Speed Connectivity for Business-Critical Services
We provide a range of high-speed internet options to connect you to your customers, colleagues and suppliers - whether they're around the corner or around the world.

Plan B's WAN & Internet Services

Plan B Group’s Managed WAN & Internet solutions use our high-speed core network to connect your branches together, connect your business to a data centre and/or to the internet, while being flexible enough to meet your unique requirements.

  • Outsourcing the provision and management of routers and ongoing WAN monitoring and maintenance.
  • Connecting your branches together.
  • Connecting your business to the internet.
  • Accessing servers that are colocated in a data centre
  • Accessing cloud services
  • Facilitating delivery of Hosted PBX services
  • Connecting to Plan B's business continuity services
  • Connecting your offices to Plan B Standby Offices
  • Access Plan B connected data centres

Internet Technology Suited to Your Business Needs

As a general rule, more speed will deliver a better outcome, but your internet requirements will need to be balanced against cost and business needs as part of our initial design phase.

The table below gives an idea of what connection technology will likely be most suitable for each office size based on regular business use.

Technology Branch size
ADSL Small (less than 5 workers*)
VDSL Small (less than 5 workers)
Business fibre < 100Mb Medium (5-50 workers)
Business fibre > 100Mb Large (more than 50 workers)
Bitstream 2a Small / Medium (less than 50 workers)
Bitstream 4 Medium / Large (more than 5 workers)
*A "worker" is defined as a knowledge worker whose job requires them to be actively working on a computer for the majority of the day.

Focus on business, not your network

Supported by robust service level agreements (SLAs), Plan B's WAN services range from simple monitoring and reporting, to complete provision of your corporate network and datacentre - so you can focus on growing your business, rather than tangling with your day-to-day network operations.

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