Managed Data Security

Protecting your data against internal & external threats
Managed Data Security is about protecting your intellectual property, managing your network defences and ensuring that your network remains intact. At all times.

Reduce the Data Security Risks

Over any 24 hour period, businesses share information via a mixture of communications channels with a wide range of people including customers, staff, suppliers and partners. The sophistication and scope of how we communicate today leaves the risk of a security breach wide open if robust security steps are not taken.

At Plan B Group, we take security seriously. Where we excel is in looking at the entire lifecycle of any security breach – before, during, and after it happens. Plan B advanced threat protection delivers unmatched visibility, consistent control, advanced threat protection (entire threat lifecycle & across all vectors), and reduced complexity (deployed and managed by a highly capable team of expert engineers).

You’re in Safer Hands

From complete environment and firewall protection, to email and application security, our comprehensive Managed Data Security services will keep your business safe.

Our Managed Data Security Services Team is comprised of senior level Information Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance experts with extensive and varied industry knowledge in both the private and public sectors. Our team will help guide your business through the accountability shift away from IT and technology over to the business units responsible for the creation and consumption of the information.

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