Managed WAN Services

Gain productivity with an optimised managed WAN
In today's ultra-connected environments, staff expect local LAN speed and reliability from your business WAN whether they work from your head office or regional branch. We're less forgiving of performance issues and demand instant access to applications, files and data.

Meet the Demands of Staff with Managed WAN

Your legacy networks may now face added demands for delivery of integrated voice, video, mobility, and presence services across endpoints, devices, and applications. A tactical collection of hardware, software and the resources to pull it all together are what it takes to manage an optimised WAN environment.

A Wide Area Network (WAN) will facilitate communication and sharing of data and devices throughout your company. We provide carrier-agnostic WAN services and can take care of the design, installation and maintenance of your WAN.

We have a wide range of managed connectivity services to meet your needs, including:

  • Multi-site connectivity options.
  • Reliable high-speed core network.
  • Ability to support a wide range of unique requirements.

Build an Optimised WAN Environment

At Plan B we can take care of the design, installation, and maintenance of your WAN - connecting your business from head office to your branches or retail outlets, to a network of data centres, and the wider internet. Once on our platform, ongoing monitoring and maintenance ensure your WAN continues to operate as expected.

  • Our solutions are built on a high-speed core network to ensure reliability and enterprise-level security.
  • Use Plan B's business continuity background to add resiliency to your network to minimise downtime.
  • Have your WAN managed and monitored to deliver the optimal solution for your business, without needing to deal with multiple vendors and solutions.
  • Get us to provision and manage data connections between your sites to meet the traffic requirements of your business.
  • Select the best access option for you from dedicated business fibre and HSNS solutions through to VPLS and ISP connectivity (UFB and DSL).
  • Access flexible connectivity options from a range of major carriers, including: Chorus, CityLink, Vector, Vocus, and Vodafone.
  • Choose to add other optional Plan B & ICONZ services including hosted infrastructure, data centre colocation, or managed backup and recovery services.

Focus on business, not your network

Going beyond the 'standard' managed service, we can offer end-to-end WAN services, freeing-up bandwidth; improve response times and application delivery within an optimised WAN bandwidth specification.

Supported by robust service level agreements (SLAs), Plan B's WAN services range from simple monitoring and reporting, to complete provision of your corporate network and datacentre - so you can focus on growing your business, rather than tangling with your day-to-day network operations.

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