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Understanding the critical importance of technology for Corporations

While you have an experienced corporate team and extensive internal infrastructure at your disposal, your deliverables and governance, demand external resources. Welcome to Plan B.

We can provide the expertise, systems and infrastructure to connect you to every person, branch and country. Our experts will work alongside your experts to connect you to world class technology services.

How can Plan B help you?

World-class ICT Expertise

Our nationwide teams can connect you to global resources that ensure your corporate environment is running on world-class systems and infrastructures.

Reliable infrastructure

With datacentres throughout NZ and expertise spanning 20 years we offer corporate organisations like yours the assurance your shareholders demand.

Business Continuity

When contingency plans are paramount to safeguarding shareholders trust and market share, then Plan B is the unparalleled choice for physical and data business continuity.

Corporate Flexibility

Network and connectivity master planning that genuinely reflects your business’ requirements; scaling and adding different options as the need arises.

You’re in great company

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