Managed Voice

Perfect for enabling SIP-based VoIP communications & more
SIP trunks can carry all forms of media including voice, data, and video. As a result, SIP is usually preferred by companies with numerous branches or remote workers, whose employees depend heavily on multimedia communications.

Superior SIP Functionality

Our SIP voice platform is designed with superior functionality, features, and considerable cost efficiency in mind.

In simple terms, VoIP means making or receiving phone calls over the internet or internal networks. SIP, on the other hand, is an application layer protocol that is used to establish, modify and terminate multimedia sessions such as VoIP calls.

Single Converged Network

A single converged network eliminates the extra costs of running separate voice and data networks. Our solution includes an advanced hosted PBX platform, Internet connections, and VoIP call termination services. Plan B’s SIP delivers enhanced voice quality enforcing QoS from edge to edge core gateway and support of wide codecs (G711 and G729) to provide additional room for signalling and IP overhead.

With Plan B, businesses can be guaranteed end-to-end quality of service and performance.

Bring your voice and data together on a single access circuit and router
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