On-Demand Networking

Deploy, manage and retire services as and when you need to
Network on Demand redefines how companies expand their networks and services. Businesses can now adapt their networks as quickly as their needs change.

Putting Customers at the Centre of their Network

Network on Demand puts customers at the centre of their network with modern, cloud-based architecture. Plan B’s On-demand networking is helping simplify the network and accelerate how quickly we can bring advanced products and services to market.

Most importantly, Network on Demand is reinventing the customer experience. This technology empowers IT managers to control the network design with the click of a button; all while allowing cost efficiencies as companies only pay for what they use.

So, as quickly as business needs change, the network will respond and adapt.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Intuitive and immediate click-through contracting and ordering of network services
  • Turning up or down broadband speeds in near real time instead of hours or days
  • Provisioning new communications ports in days compared to weeks

Plan B’s ElasticWAN Portfolio

The philosophy behind Plan B’s ElasticWAN portfolio is to provide you with the capability to deploy, manage and retire services as and when you need to.

SDN is the architectural approach behind Network as a Service (NaaS) that enables businesses to accelerate service deployment and delivery and thus dramatically reduce IT costs through policy-driven workflow automation.

What the cloud did for the management of data centers, Network on Demand will do for corporate networks

A dynamic network differs from traditional network architecture due to its flexibility to support connectivity, infrastructure virtualisation, cloud enablement, and mobility in an elastic and cost-effective way. Plan B’s ElasticWAN capability delivers you the ability to operate in an increasingly agile manner with on-demand network services providing flexibility in bandwidth capacity and quality, physical and virtual locations and feature-sets and value adds – all customisable in real time.

NaaS provides communications infrastructure that helps today’s businesses move away from a static connectivity model to one that accommodates fluctuating demand and evolving connectivity requirements without being cost prohibitive.

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