3G/4G Connectivity

Fast mobile & remote data and voice services
Our mobility portfolio has been created with the knowledge that mobile doesn’t always mean on the move. We realise that mobility for some customers also means remote. Our service includes both.

Extend Mobile Capabilities with 4G

Our express WAN offering allows customers to provision temporary sites where working in a fixed location is not viable, or fibre broadband services are not yet available.

We also offer cost effective machine-to-machine and LAN failover services to round off the portfolio.

With 4G you can stream high definition video, engage in videoconferencing at much higher data transfer rates, and utilise other applications which enable ubiquitous computing, meaning you can access virtually any bandwidth-intensive application from any location which has access to a 4G connection.

Mobile Handset Service

We offer a mobile workforce handset service, similar to what you’d buy if you approached a mobile retailer directly, except, you’ll get great service included.

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