Temporary or Emergency Standby Offices

Fully-equipped business workspaces with ICT equipment available 24/7 nationwide.
Plan B's Standby Office & Equipment services give you a place to work if an unplanned event makes your normal office unusable or if you need short-term additional office capacity and the ability to access critical ICT equipment at short notice.

When are Standby Offices Useful?

If your business relies on a call centre environment, ability to collaborate face-to-face, or physical meeting space you need to know where and how you would work if your normal office is unavailable due to issues like:

  • Current office renovations.
  • Temporary connected requirements during an office relocation.
  • Extra workloads during seasonal peaks, sales campaigns or Startup introductions.
  • Localised disruptions including fire or flooding.
  • More significant outages caused by natural disasters.

Standby Office Subscriptions

Subscription to our Standby Office service allows access to an agreed number of seats at your nominated facility (or facilities). Each workspace seat has a desk, chair, thin client terminal with LCD monitor, telephone, headset and Internet access.

Any company that relies on data to run their business needs to ensure they can provide rapid access to that data through alternate infrastructure. Maintaining your own obsolete equipment or duplicating current systems may provide some cover, but our service provides assurance that Standby Equipment will be available in a crisis.

Depending on your risk policy and specific requirements you can also select a dedicated solution.

The Standby Office service is in a permanent state of readiness, and access to any location can be activated at any time.

Typical Standby Office Benefits

Plan B's Standby Offices & Equipment make it easy for you to:

  • Access emergency office space or ICT equipment at short notice.
  • Not have to worry about setting up a new office or sourcing ICT equipment. Everything you'd expect in an office has already been provided and IT equipment is available for activation.
  • Leverage our expertise to help you get up and running during a business continuity event.
  • Budget a monthly fee rather than investing in your own standby facilities and equipment to get peace-of-mind that you are covered.
  • Select options to connect our office facilities to your data centre or infrastructure housed by Plan B and choose where standby equipment is deployed.

Ask about our Standby Office resources for temporary or emergency utilisation

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